Top 5 Tech Gifts this Holiday Season


Fit Bands
Don’t be surprised to see the Fit Band take the place of the Chia Pet this holiday season. Designed to be worn on your wrist 24/7 these devices keep track of your activity throughout the day. Some track your sleep, others keep track of the steps you take, record what you eat, and acts as a blue tooth device for your smartphone. Some Fit-Bands even receive text messages! Don’t let this year go by without getting one of these for the tech-geek in your life. Makes a great piece of jewelry as well.


Shower Me with Music
Years ago you could listen to music in the shower using a plastic covered radio that hung from a suction cup stuck to the wall. But that was 1978, it’s 2014 and today we do things a little bit different. With the invention of Bluetooth technology you can now listen to your favorite podcast or music while showering-up each morning. No suction cup required! You won’t miss an important phone call either. If the boss calls to tell you to take the day off, with a simple push of the button you can answer the call and receive the good news! Now, I’m not sure why you would need to talk to ANYONE on the phone while showering, but hey at least the option is there!

smart tv

Smart TV’s
Years ago the big gift for the Holidays was a flat screen TV. Do you get a LCD? A Plasma? A HDTV? Those days are gone. This year, Smart TV’s will be dad’s new go-to request. Smart TV’s are great! With the Wi Fi connection you already have in your home you can stream video content from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and more. Plus, you can monitor your social networks, surf the web, stream photo content from your laptop and interact live with twitter while watching sporting events. Oh, we almost forgot… you can watch regular TV channels too. Smart TV’s still have a few functions to be worked out (like web surfing is not as easy as one would hope) but these units are giving cable companies fits just for their wonderful video streaming ability.


Storage Wars
In the era of Video, Mp3 and Hi-Resolution photography, the biggest challenge a techie can face is where to store everything! So we predict this year External Hard Drives will be a hot item. Why store your personal items in someone else’s cloud, when you can keep everything neatly organized, and safe on your own personal External Storage Device. These units come is various sizes and are able store 1, 2, up to 4 Terabytes of data! That’s a Trillion Bytes or 931 gigabytes to you and me. OK, all the technical mumbo jumbo aside, these VERY HANDY items have really come down in price. You can get one of these nifty devices starting at just 59.00! So this holiday season go crazy and give the techie you know a place to put their stuff!


Going Wireless
Remember earbuds? Ya know, those silly things that went inside your ears that had a long cord and a metal jack at the end that plugged in to your mp3 player, phone or other device? Ha! Earphones are so 2005! Wires are out, wireless headphones are in! If you could be unencumbered by those pesky white wires that are always getting tangled and caught on everything-wouldn’t you go wireless? I sure would, and so will thousands of other kids and adults this year. Wireless headphones are busting out all over!

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