Bundle Up Your Good Looks

When it gets cold, things begin to crack. Sub-zero temperatures can create a dermal battle between hydration and dryness on exposed surfaces that result in wrecked skin and splitting lips. To combat and relieve the discomfort, we must add to the artillery and protect from wintry weather to ensure we are smiling without pain.


Protect Lip Rescue
Coat your lips daily with this hand crafted ointment aimed to prevent damage and instantly sooth painful splits. The collection of chosen oils nurture and heal by instantly injecting a deep moisturizing treatment. Lip Rescue’s oils also feature medicinal benefits that act as bacteria killing and anti-inflammatory agents which create the perfect solution for lips in need.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Safflower Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Calendula Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Essence of Calendula Flowers

$4 http://www.in2ition-inc.com/home


NARS Optimal Brightening Concentrate by Shiseido
Sometimes the moisturizer you are applying just isn’t enough and you need a boost. Revive dull skin with a serum, or what I also describe to clients as the “mega moisturizer.” Face serums pack concentrated treatments that benefit the skin by diminishing redness, hydrating the dermal layers, and giving a soft supple feel and look. There are many to choose from, but I recommend a serum that you can wear with or without makeup due to its duality in features and benefits.

NARS Serum features:
Vitamin C
Wild Thyme
Plankton Extract
Noni Energy-Boost Technology: Helps to support cell energy.
NARS Exclusive Light Reflecting Complex: Enhances skin’s luminosity.
Yeast Polysaccharides: Helps bring life back to dull complexions.

$74 www.narscosmetics.com

It’s paramount to keep your skin nourished at all times, but then again even more so when it is cold outside. I have personally benefited from the above mentioned remedies and can attest to their effectiveness, hence the reason for my testimonial. No one wants to wake up, smile, and feel a painful split, and no one wants dry rough skin ruining first impressions. Let’s be clear here, it’s all about the face.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.