Last Minute Tech Shoppers Guide


Little Speaker, Big Sound, Low Price
This last-minute stocking stuffer never sounded so good. For under 20 dollars you can give the gift of “booming sound” in a tiny, palm-of-your-hand sized speaker system. The on-board 1/8” cable plugs right in to your phone or MP3 player and, with a small twist of the carriage, let the booming bass begin! Various colors make this the perfect gift for him or her.


Charge it!
Tired of looking for the right charger for the right device? Us too. That’s why there’s the EZO Power Desktop Charging Station. Charge 3 USB devices AND 3 AC socket devices simultaneously. There’s also a nifty slot built right-in where you can comfortably lay your iPhone or Tablet for hands free reading and touch screen accessibility. Plus, the whole thing is surge protected so your devices are safe and free from damage even when the lights blow out. The EZO POWER Desktop Charging station is inexpensive too, so you can get one for them and for you.


No Texting, No Worries
Worried about your children texting and driving? We all do, so why not spend money this holiday season on a smartphone app that is worth every penny of the $29.99 you’ll spend. Textecution is an app that disables the texting feature on your teenager’s smartphone. You set all the criteria for their use, you can even override the feature in case they are a passenger, or traveling on a bus back to school. In addition, if they try to uninstall or hack the application, you are alerted and can communicate instantly with your child ensuring their continued safety. Make sure to check the specs for your cell phone provider and operating system.


Get Smart
Have someone on your gift list this year that drinks vintage soda, smokes cigarettes and likes to take steady-cam photos or videos? Well you’re in luck! Here comes the Defender Any Shock iPhone 5 case! At a tailgate party and need to open a cold drink? Reach for your phone! Looking for your cigarette lighter? No problem, this phone can do that too. See a great photo or video that needs a steady hand? Your phone is tri-pod ready! Plus, the whole thing is shock-proof, water-proof and designed to look great! Under 20 dollars and ready to be wrapped-up for the gadget guy or gal on your list.

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