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SUS Gallery owner Alexandra Ainatch with artist Andrew Tess

“I love watching people,” Alexandra Ainatchi, co-owner of Spot Under Spot Gallery (SUS) Gallery said.

We’re walking around the inviting gallery looking at the exhibit Judge Me: We Are All Expressionism. The expressionism influenced mixed media project by New York City based artist Andrew Tess started off as performance art pieces, the artist photographed, saturated, printed and then painted over.

“Seeing people walk in and how they interpret the pieces,” Ainatchi continues. “I love that.”

A senior at Hunter College, Ainatchi, with her mother, New York designer Sharon Khazzam, opened SUS in the summer of 2014. The gallery got its name from its location in the Village of Great Neck, directly under Khazzam’s studio named Spot. Ainatchi is looking to exhibit art that creates energy and challenges the onlooker.

“This is an old traditional town, the art work we show speaks to a younger generation and has great energy,” Ainatchi said.

SUS Gallery changes up exhibits about every six weeks. Tess’s work was on display through Dec. 4, 2014 and came about when Tess came to the gallery for a different opening. After talking and showing her some of his work, Ainatchi wanted to display Judge Me: We Are All Expressionism.

“This exhibit worked well with this town, so many go into the city to work but are removed from the club lifestyle, this work changes that.” Ainatchi said.

On Jan. 22, the newest exhibit, Let The Rain Tickle The Roof Of Your Mouth by Phillip Michaels goes on display. It’s a series of paintings portraying scenes of natural elements and also fantasy.

Since opening in July, SUS has also featured a travel photography exhibit Bee Photography, photographer Elizabeth Woodbury’s Transference and Marti Flicker’s ink sketches Neutral Feet.

“I hope to add a splash of color, both literally and figuratively, to the town, while offering opportunities to young, talented artists,” Ainatchi said.

Visit SUS at 42 Middle Neck Rd in Great Neck and online susgallery.com.

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