How-to: Banish Dry Skin

Dropping temperatures give cheeks a rosy glow but harsh winter weather combined with indoor heat can leave the skin with an uncomfortable dryness.

The key to keeping skin feeling alive this winter is developing a beauty routine focused on replenishing the skin’s natural oils.

“You have to reset your skin care habits,” dermatologist Dr. Janet Hill Prystowsky said.

Read on for Prystowsky tips on keeping skin healthy during the winter months.

Bath Time: Pay attention to both the length of showers or baths as well as the temperature. Daily cleaning routines can wash off the natural oils in the skin. Take showers that are not scalding hot or if you need the hot shower limit the amount of time. “You don’t need a cold shower, the length of time matters a lot,” Prystowsky said, adding she recommends minimizing showers to once a day or even every other day on the weekends.

Soap: Soaps are another thing that can dry out your skin by washing away the body’s natural oils. Prystowsky suggests not using as much soap or cleanser as you would during the summer.

Moisturize: You want a heavier moisturizer in the winter. Use moisturizers routinely on your face, hands, anything exposed to dry air. You can use a shower bath oil to provide a protective film and one of Prystowsky favorite products is Vaseline for the hands and feet. Instead of a lotion if you find your skin becoming dry use a heavy cream on arms and legs.

Chapstick: Be careful with chapstick. Prystowsky said that people can get so use to always using it that chapstick can become an irritation for chapped lips and make the problem worse. Again she suggests using a bit of Vaseline instead.

Get Help: If dry, itchy skin does occur and doesn’t go away after several days Prystowsky said to seek out help from a specialist. Expect a specialist to provide a tropical steroid to get skin back to healthy while also working with you to get back into a healthy skin routine.

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