The Many Layers of Adel Gorgy

adel gorgy
“Permutation of Color … after Warhol”, 9 panels, each 20 x 28 in., 50 x 70 cm. Total 60 x 84 in., 150 x 210 cm. Pigment Ink on Metallic Silver Medium 2014

Adel Gorgy wants the viewer to think. In a series of stunning large format photographs on display now at the Able Fine Art NY Gallery, the Long Island based artist asks the viewer to explore a world of infinite possibilities; the boundaries between painting and photography, how we experience art and if it’s possible to see in works of art something other than what the artist intended.

“We’re been looking at art for years in the same way, why not abstract it,” Gorgy said.

adol gorgoy
“Permutation of Opposites … after Twombly” 40 x 55 in., 100 x 138 cm. Pigment Ink on Metallic Silver Medium 2014

In his Permutation series he merges elements found in Warhol, Matisse and Twombly to compose something completely new. The work transcends issues of authorship, ownership and appropriation forcing the viewer to see art in a new way.

“I’m trying to enable the viewer to see new work with new eyes,” Gorgy said.

He started by taking more than 100 photographs of each work of art he was using as inspiration and then broke each photograph down to the brush strokes, abstracting and creating something new. Printing the images in his studio in Baldwin Harbor was a multi-printing process, as he would wait for a photograph to dry then print again. The result is complex, multilayered large format photographs that blur the line between painting and photography.

“Permutation of a Moment Lost … after Matisse” 40 x 55 in., 100 x 138 cm. Pigment Ink on Metallic Silver Medium 2014

Gorgy is one of three artists new work is on display as part of Crossing’s Lines at the Chelsea Gallery at Able Fine Art Work. The exhibition features art that crosses lines conceptually, materially, spatially and experientially in a presentation of paintings by Robert C. Morgan, photography by Gorgy and sculpture by Yun-Whoo Choi.

The exhibit follows Gorgy’s solo exhibition last December at Able NY and his September exhibition at Able’s Seoul, South Gallery.

The exhibit runs from to Feb 4.