Cold Commodity


Arctic Force Snowball Blaster
Made by the fun folks at Wham-O, the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster makes and fires machine perfect snowballs. Able to create three frozen spheres of death at a time and fire them up to 80 feet, this ergonomic cold weather weapon will ensure your cheeky nephew never prays for a snow day again. $35 at

Crossbow Snow Launcher
This probably should have been called a SnowBow, but whatever. No one will be quibbling about the name when they’re chewing on a mouthful of snowy fury. Powered by a heavy-duty rubber band, this frontloading crossbow launches snowballs up to 60 feet. $40 at

Your hands will be as warm as your heart
is cold when you unleash frozen hell using 
this snowball forming and throwing stick.
A decades-old favorite of cold weather kids, the Snofling allows combatants to throw snow farther and with greater accuracy than otherwise possible and they also make a supremely satisfying whoosh when whipped through the air. $7 at