Social Media Platforms You Haven’t Tried

So, you’re tired of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Think there’s nothing new out there? Think again! Below is a list of social media platforms that may just have you sharing, following and friending all over again!

For photo sharing everyone recognizes Instagram, but here’s a quick look at some other great photo sharing sites.

Photobucket is an amazing platform for editing pictures, creating albums and sharing across numerous platforms.

Yogile is made for several people who are present at the same event. Attendees can upload photos from their cameras, or smartphones, to create collections that can later be shared with the group.

Flickr is awesome for large photo collections. And you can make your photos available (with your approval of course) for other people to use or share.

And Zenfolio is for amateurs, or professionals, looking to create an online portfolio.

Communicating online and you want to remain anonymous? Don’t we all. Well, these sites let you post, follow and create, with no strings attached!

SocialNumber is a site where you can express yourself freely and post anything you like. Here you’ll remain unknown because on this site… you’re just a number! Careful, we have not tried this site ourselves.

Whisper, allows people to connect with like-minded individuals and discover (who knows what!?) while remaining incognito.

Yik-Yak lets users anonymously create and view individual “Yaks,” intended for sharing with those who are in close proximity (within a 10 mile radius) to other users.

When it comes to video, YouTube is still king, but there are so many other video sharing sites left to explore!

Myspace (yes that’s right, I said it) Myspace is making a huge comeback and it’s primarily because musicians love to share videos from the road and showcase rare acoustic performances you won’t find anywhere else.

Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platforms in Europe but is slowly gaining traction here in the U.S.

And MetaCafe is a unique entertainment destination dedicated to the best short-form videos from the world of movies, TV, music and sports.

So, go ahead give one or all of these sites a try. But remember the advice from our last post. Don’t use the same password for each platform and if you don’t plan on sticking with the site, simply delete your profile.

john lorefice

John Lorefice is a Digital Media Director, Writer and Video Producer working hard to save the planet, change our political system and drink his share of the worlds coffee supply along the way. Questions, thoughts, comments or business enquiries can be sent to: