Pulse Rate: February 2015

There is a city in southeastern Turkey named Batman, but it does not commemorate the Caped Crusader. It is, rather, either a contraction of a local mountain’s name, or an ancient unit of measurement.

There is a place called Blood Falls in Antarctica that appears to be a massive open wound in the icy continent. It isn’t of course—the redness is actually ironrich saltwater rusting when exposed to air.

The first spam was sent via telegraph in 1864. The messages were shady investment offers to the wealthy. We do not know if they claimed to be from dethroned Nigerian royalty.

“Hyperion” is the world’s tallest known tree. Located in California’s Humboldt Redwoods State Park it’s 369 feet tall—twice the height of the Statue of Liberty (minus the pedestal.) To protect the tree, only a select few know its exact location.

In very rare cases birds can be born as bilateral gynandromorphs—two distinct genetic twins in the same body. In cases where the twins are of differing sexes, the birds will have male plumage and coloration on one side of their bodies and female characteristics on the other. A half red/half white cardinal was studied and photographed by two birders in 2010.

The reason Mickey Mouse wears white gloves is pretty utilitarian: They contrast with his black body, so his gestures can be seen.

Until 2011 Russia did not classify beer as an alcoholic beverage. It was in the same class as soda.

The first meal eaten on the moon was canned peaches, bacon squares, sugar cookies, coffee and pineapple/grapefruit juice. The second included cream of chicken soup, beef stew, grape punch, an orange drink and fruitcake. We’re guessing that even on the moon, no one ate the fruitcake.