She’s Got A Sweet Face

Makeup and chocolate are at the very top of every woman’s list. It’s a generalization but I’ll go out on a limb with the statement. The time of romance is upon us and it’s inspired me to fuse the two obsessions into one, as attraction does with a pair of individuals who are mutually love-struck. Is it for real, can makeup and chocolate truly be joined? The answer is yes. Makeup makers employ the scent, benefits and colors of this sweet food prepared using the cacao seed. Allow me to sweeten your beauty regime with confectionary cosmetics especially appropriate for the most romantic holiday of the year.

Too Faced Cosmetics
Bring beauty and cocoa together in the manner of scent and sight. The aromatic powders are infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and smell like hot chocolate. Create a bronzy look inspired by your favorite dessert.

Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection $49


Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer $30


Specializing in beauty that’s healthy. Spread this almost edible and delectable mask on your face to tempt and inspire your significant other to come up with alternate ideas that are edible and pleasurable – not related to skin care.

Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask with CoQ10 3.25 oz. $20

chocolate mask
98 percent Natural – Gluten Free, Made of cocoa, coconut milk and honey in addition to powerhouse enzymes that boost your natural defenses against wrinkles and sagging – including CoQ10, Live Carrot Fruit Cells and Ginseng Extract.

Mask Features:

• Skin Softener
• Wrinkle Defender
• Revitalizes Dull Skin

Known for their “out of the box” colors inspired by nature. This dramatic lipstick will coat your lips in a long lasting chestnut hue that mimics melted chocolate

NARS Audacious Lipstick – Deborah $32


• Long Lasting
• Full Coverage
• Creamy texture enriched with ingredients to smooth and nourish lips

Beauty is about experimentation and trying new things. Consider using one or even all of the colors above to celebrate the holiday which signifies adoration and desire. They will certainly add a playful element to your look and sugarcoat the show for your sweetheart.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.