Siblings Find Success Through Partnering in Business

Walking into the offices of Full Scale Media in Mineola feels a bit like stepping into a familiar home. Yes, it’s an office. Desks with computers are against every available wall space, there’s the controlled chaos of people busy at work but there’s also something more. A cozy-family like feeling, which probably comes from the fact founders and owners, are brother and sister Allison and Jared Kugel, but that feeling also speaks of their business philosophy.

“We want to relate to our clients in a very real way,” Jared said.

Barely a year ago with Allison, 40, and Jared, 28, each at career crosswords the two would have brainstorming sessions about what was next for each of them. Those brainstorming sessions turned into pen and pad, mapping out how they could pool their resources and start something as a team. With Allison’s background in nonprofit public relations and Jared’s in social media the result was the launch of the public relations and social media firm Full Scale Media.

“Traditional public relations as we knew it years ago has become passé,” Allison said on using the moniker “media” rather than “pr” for the company’s name. “It’s all about multi-platform media campaigns, and everyone is in on it, because everyone is entrenched in social media. People immediately recognize and understand the word “media” and they’re going away from the meaning of “pr.”

Full Scale Media offers online reputation management, public relations and social media management to a wide variety of clients in industries that include health and fitness, e-commerce and automotive.

Since launching in November of 2013, they’ve expanded from just the two of them working out of Allison’s house to two offices in LaunchPad Long Island on Mineola Boulevard with seven employees.

Their social media department now includes three other people, one person writing content, someone else fact-checking, someone doing the grunt work of posting and responding and then Jared overseeing the brainstorming. Every Friday they host a social media workshop to talk about new developments.

But what is it like working as brother and sister? They say that’s the question they get the most and the one that perplexes them the most.

“We play off each other’s strong points,” points out Allison. “I’m the creative mind. I architect the clients’ campaigns and direct all creative projects, but I don’t interfere with Jared’s business end of things, and I don’t want to. It’s not my forte.”

“Sometimes our personal relationship creates some drama within the dynamics of our working relationship,” Jared admits. “For instance, Allison is a classic type-A personality; passionate, driven and sometimes emotionally volatile. She’s a rocket and I’m the rock. I’m more thought out and rationale about decisions, but it’s that yin and yang that’s driven our success so far.”

It seems to work. In just over a year, they’re already profitable, operating on a shoestring budget where they only take on new clients if they have the ability to maintain the quality of work and not overload a relationship or if they have the ability to hire another staff member. This system gives them the ability to grow flexibly.

“We’re growing in baby steps,” Jared said, which doesn’t mean he doesn’t have lofty goals for the company. “I want us to be the biggest at what we do.”

They would both like to be able to open offices in south Florida and Los Angeles while staying committed to each community they work in.

“I want to be able to donate more to charity,” Allison adds. Right now she works with Project Night Night on Long Island and wherever they open up additional offices she plans to do the same.

“We want to leave a footprint in the community,” Allison said.