Healthy Hearts from the Hamptons to Honduras

Dr. David Greuner center with fellow NYC Surgical doctors, Adam Tonis and David Luu

From the steady flow of his Roslyn office to the non-stop action of his New York City location, Dr. David Greuner is always on the move. Never content to stay in one place, he is constantly working to develop new techniques and launch initiatives to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Whether on a medical mission to Honduras or through collaboration with Paris non-profit The Heart Fund, Greuner is devoted to bringing modern healthcare to underserved populations worldwide. His commitment to patient care remains most evident at NYC Surgical Associates, where he practices at five offices stretching from Hampton Bays to New Jersey.

Voted one of Long Island Pulse’s “Doctors of Distinction” for 2014, Greuner is a double board certified cardiovascular surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery to treat chronic conditions such as varicose veins. Using the newest technology, with a laser fiber inserted directly through a needle, Greuner’s techniques require no incision. Weakened veins are eliminated with unprecedented results, with less pain, scarring and downtime. With traditional vein stripping, many patients were left with recurring varicosities and unsightly scarring. Varicose veins are often indicative of chronic venous insufficiency, a more serious condition whereby blood pooling in the legs is not properly returned back to the heart.

Greuner is now treating patients suffering from lipedema. One of the few doctors in the country trained to perform this delicate surgery, Dr. Greuner uses specialized custom cannulas to remove diseased tissue in the most non-traumatic way. This rarely addressed condition causes an abnormal accumulation of fat cells and a disproportionate appearance in the legs, which dieting or exercise cannot prevent.

Greuner’s cutting edge treatments for these and other conditions are regularly featured on TV. His groundbreaking work, complemented by his charming and caring demeanor, make him a fan favorite on television shows like The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, The Couch and NY1 News. None of this attention, however, distracts him from his bigger global picture.

In efforts to promote worldwide heart health and help those most in need, Dr. Greuner has partnered with renowned surgeon Dr. David Luu, CEO of The Heart Fund, and has committed to a goal of treating one patient in a developing country for every patient seen in the United States. To further raise awareness of the preventable risks of cardiovascular morbidity, the doctors, along with Dr. Adam Tonis of NYC Surgical, have recently founded NYClinic. NYClinic will offer a range of medical services, including an Executive Health Program focusing on preventive medicine, life coaching and corporate wellness.

Dr. Greuner appreciates the profound impact made by tackling chronic issues that can cause both physical and emotional distress. “I really love it when we can improve people’s lives,” he says. He appreciates the profound opportunity to help patients at every level of need, at home or abroad. “Our goal is to make a difference in the world and it starts with one patient at a time.”

tammy mark

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