Can Someone Reset the Wi-Fi?

Got Wi-Fi?

“Can someone reset the Wi-Fi?!” How many times in the past year-and-a-half have you heard this cry from someone in your home? Well, a new start-up called Eero is out to silence those cries forever as well as ending the need for ugly Wi-Fi repeaters or bulky Wi-Fi routers. Eero has designed a Wi-Fi system that boasts strong signals that covers your entire home. Thy also promise “no dead zones!” The device is as small as a computer mouse and Eero says you’ll need three of their devices for every 1,000 square feet of space you want to cover. Eero units are a little pricey but, if it does what it says, I’m sure it will be worth it.

Easy Tweety

Twitter, arguably the second largest social media network in the world, has just introduced a way for fence sitters to jump on to the platform and start interacting with popular twitter users right away! It’s called “Instant Timelines” and in addition to making the sign up process a snap, it immediately populates your brand new twitter feed with tweets chosen especially for you. How do they do it? Twitters specially designed algorithm scans your contacts, (with your permission of course) and finds out who your friends follow and proceeds to serve you up a custom feed! Twitter is out to grab new users any way they can so they can show them ads and entice them with “in-app” purchasing, turning those new tweeters into shoppers!

The Key to USB

Forget the cable, you’ve got the key! The ChargeKey by Nomad is a clever device that you attach to your keychain and when the need arises, this bendable multi-functional “key” allows you to charge or sync any device, (USB compatible of course) without the need for those pesky long wires you’ve been toting around for years. The ChargeKey comes in a micro USB version with an option for iPhone as well. It’s ingenious and affordable. Get it here for under 30 bucks!

Mega Pricey Mega Phone

Ok, not only is this the weirdest item we’ve ever found, but it’s also got the longest name in the business! It’s called, the “Black MegaPhone iPhone Amplifier.” For just about six hundred dollars (yeah, everyone can afford that right?), you can perch your iPhone at the tip of this black ceramic cylinder to fill the room with music, or the sound of your mother’s voice (if you’re into that kinda’ thing). The MegaPhone comes with a wooden frame that allows the amplifier to “float” above the surface you place it on, increasing the sound it projects and its sex appeal. It’s compatible with all iPhone models and also comes with a case. Get yours here.

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