Singer-Songwriter Jess Ingui Plays 89 North

With one EP out and another in the works singer-songwriter Jess Ingui is leaving a mark on the Long Island music scene, just as someone who considers herself an all around Long Island girl should. On Thursday, Feb. 19, Ingui plays 89 North in Patchogue. The show begins at 7pm, with Leah Laurenti and Cora Small.

“If you’re into feel good music, I’m going to be dancing and signing my little heart out, I would love to see everyone there,” Ingui said.

Pulse Insider: Your first EP came out a year ago. Describe a favorite song and why it speaks to you:
Jess Ingui:
My self-titled EP was written and recorded with singer-songwriter, Josh Boorum. It’s a solid set of songs that are genuine to who I am as a person and showcases our writing and vocal abilities as a duo.

My favorite song is “Fix This.” It was written in a small moment during a hiccup in a past relationship and is about letting time pass, so you have a moment to breathe, forgive and then coming back together and fixing things.

PI: How would you describe your music to someone you just met?
: It’s a hybrid of Amy Winehouse, soul and edge, mixed with John Mayer, groovy and modest. Sonically, the music is laid back and heartfelt. Lyrically, the messages are about doing things from your soul, doing what you are most passionate about and following your dreams. It’s feel good music.

PI: And now you’re working on another EP?
Yes! The project I am currently working on is still with songwriter and producer Josh Boorum. We are looking to step into a real studio for the new album and record all the instruments with some very talented musicians, so everything will be live. We have basically completed writing all of the music that is going to be on the final album. From songs about the difficulty in writing evergreen music, to songs about generational issues: love, heartbreak and strength. It’s really going to be a reflection of life as an average girl, or even guy.
It’s going to be an incredible set of songs. I am very excited for it all to come together.

PI: And you’re using KickStarter to fund the project? What’s the monetary goal of it and what will it help you accomplish?
This KickStarter will be serving as the budget for my new album. The people who participate by donating are basically acting as a label. A label typically funds a musician to create their music, instead, my friends and family are being extremely supportive and being the label for me!

After some research and talking to industry professionals, we set the budget for $11,000. After the first week and a half we are at 32 percent funded, which I think is a great start, but there is still work to be done. If we do not reach the funding goal, all of the money will be returned to the ‘backers,” and I will not receive any of the money toward the project! I really believe this album is going to contain my best material yet, I just need a little kick-start to get there!

PI: Where do you draw inspiration from?
It comes from knowing that we are all connected through past and present experiences and I am hoping my music can become just another outlet in which we do just that, connect to one another.