Anywhere but Here Released

Informed by pop, indie and alternative rock music, singer-songwriters Megan Rose and Matt Sinisi have released, Anywhere but Here. The six-track EP is powerful, striking and lush. The result of months of tireless work and a successful Pledge Music Campaign, all of the songs are originals with lyrics by Rose and music by Sinisi. Pulse Insider spoke with the two Long Island based musicians about the production process, their favorite songs on the EP and what’s next for them.

Pulse Insider: So the EP is out! How does it feel?

Matt Sinisi: So many emotions. I was obviously excited to release the EP, especially once it moved into the post-production phase. But the second we released it, I was a bit nostalgic for what we had just experienced. However, while there is a definite sense of accomplishment, there is still so much more to do, and I think that is the most thrilling part.

Megan Rose: It’s really exciting, and bittersweet. I always feel that way, though, when a song comes to fruition. Music, lyrics, ideas are always evolving and growing. It’s a challenge to take a step back and say, “Ok. That song is complete.” But, I am really proud of the music we created, and it’s exciting to be able to share it. Though, this really is only the beginning!

PI: Describe one of your favorite songs on the EP. Why does that particular song speak to you? What do you hope listeners feel when hearing it?

MS: Mine is definitely “Watch it Burn.” It was one of the earliest songs we recorded for the album, and the first time I’ve ever been involved with the production of a song.
Our writing process is pretty straightforward. Megan writes the lyrics, I write the music, and then the melody derives organically from what we both hear. I love shaping the music based on my interpretations of Megan’s words. I think they are powerful, striking, and I always attempt to create music with elements that give her thoughts the best chance to make an impact. With “Watch it Burn” I applied the same concept to the final production of the song. For instance, Megan’s line “there’s a million tiny voices, singing how the story goes…” inspired an idea to have an enormous cascade of backing vocals (a million tiny voices) throughout the chorus (where the story is being told) to really drive the point home. The nuances in this song are something I’m proud of, and I hope that they work to evoke emotion and relation in our listeners.

MR: My favorite song varies from day to day! Yesterday, it was “Beautiful Sound.” Today, it’s “The Ground.” The way this song came to life was organic and uninhibited. The entire song, from the lyrics to the composition, is raw and candid and honest. The instrumentation matches the lyrics’ emotion, and really provides a strong foundation for the melodic line and narrative to grow and build in intensity. After we wrote this song, I felt completely exhausted, in the best way. I don’t think either of us was anticipating writing a song with such emotional intensity that day. I hope listeners feel honesty when they hear this song, and I hope it helps them to see that even less than lovely moments and emotions can be captured in a beautiful way.

PI: When we last spoke you had a pretty good idea of the music that would be on Anywhere but Here but you wanted the people that pledged support for the EP to be involved…did that change anything when you were actually recording?

MS: I don’t know if it “changed” our music, so much as it instilled the confidence in us to really “push” our music to its current state. I think if you listen to our songs now you’ll hear a great deal more maturity and sense of direction, both stylistically and creatively, compared to where the tunes were just a few months back. That being said, through releasing snippets and “sneak-peeks” through our Pledge Music updates, we were definitely able to see which songs were generating the most interest, and it’d be silly not to pay attention to the songs which people prefer listening.

PI: How did the pledge campaign go? Would you do it again?

MS: It’s definitely a unique process; one that is really rewarding and at the same time, humbling. You don’t just set up a campaign, disappear, and magically fund your project. In my opinion, that’s what made it really special. There was constant interaction with all the amazing individuals.

MR: It was definitely a humbling process, in many ways. I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and say, “Hey, we need your support.” The most humbling, though, was to see how many people were in our corner, encouraging us and showing their belief in our music. I wouldn’t say there were many challenges directly related to the campaign. If anything, it motivated us even more to make the best possible music that we could.

PI: With Anywhere but Here out, what’s next in the upcoming months?

MR:The creative process never stops. We’ll continue writing, rehearsing, recording, gigging, submitting songs for radio play and sound tracking. We’ll be doing everything we can to allow our music to grow, and to share it with the world! This really is only the beginning, and we are so psyched for the hard work and exciting adventures that lie ahead!

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