Reignite Winter Fashion Love

By February the winter wardrobe you were so excited about earlier in the season likely feels hopelessly stale. Reaching for that luxurious cashmere sweater feels like an act undertaken for survival not pleasure and that solid foundation of neutral colors feels bland. While a trip to the tropics sounds like a wonderful (if short lived) fix for winter blues those of us who cannot break out the bikinis and beach reads just yet can absolutely reignite the flames of our passionate love of fashion—without leaving our (icy) Island, or breaking the bank.

Set aside the well-worn sweaters for a change; absence makes the heart grow fonder. Atop either a soft camisole, or a simple shift dress (from your winter or spring collections), try layering thin leather jackets, sophisticated blazers and cropped twill jackets. Pull them out of storage from last year’s spring and summer wardrobe. Top your little jacket with your usual winter coat, and voilà, your wishes of chic, put-together warmth are granted.

Cropped, thin jackets help to create a polished, structured, sophisticated look that feels like a strong and feminine change from winter’s too-often-shapeless, bundled looks. By considering the piece as a layer—underneath your full winter coat—rather than a lightweight topper to be worn alone—you expand your wardrobe, streamline your silhouette, and brighten your perspective on winter life.

And your Friday night dinner date at some of LI’s dining destinations need not start off with speculation about the weather. Cropped little jackets are fabulous for “restaurant dressing”

While you add polish and strength to your look, and are experiencing the joy of dipping your toe in the pleasure of spring dressing don’t forget to add some color.

Pair winter’s darker foundation pieces with rich, jewel-like tones. Royal blues, emeralds, plums and corals feel luxurious and seasonally appropriate on cold days. And best of all, they do a fabulous job of warming up the complexion.

Gem tones look equally stunning on Long Island, as they do in the city and beyond! Wear a favorite royal blue fine-knit turtleneck over a light mocha colored maxi dress. And if you’re one of the lucky ducks planning a fabulous winter getaway, don’t forget your “jewels.” These beautiful tones look as striking on dresses against tan skin in tropical settings (or on Long Island’s East End, come summer!) as they do on the most fabulous silks and knits against February skin on Long Island right now.

natalia sliwowski

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