Swing Batter


Sneak a Peek!
Are you at work right now? Do you need to go to the restroom? Well, don’t forget to close that spreadsheet! Don’t leave the balance of your account exposed to a curious office companion. Don’t subject your personal data to theft. Get the Sesame 2 and keep your personal data…personal! With the Sesame 2 by Atama, you can now feel free to “roam about the office!” Bluetooth technology powers the FOB that attaches to your keychain, and when it’s time to make the move from your desk, the Sesame 2 automatically locks your computer and covers up your screen. How simple is that? Upon your return, the Sesame 2 remotely unlocks your computer and you’re back to work without missing a beat. Plus, the Sesame 2 can manage your music player, Skype or Messenger functions by setting them to pause, play or mute when you leave and back-on when you return. Ingenious, functional and most of all…secure.


What’s the Good Word?
Are you just fresh out of ideas when it comes to picking unique usernames and passwords? Looking for a way to protect your account but can’t seem to think of passwords that are both easy to remember and hard to hack? How about when a site asks you to capitalize a letter, add a character or create a password with a minimum of 8 to 10 characters…it’s enough to make you pop the keys off your laptop one by one! Maybe it’s time to consider using a password generator. These tools are great for customizing usernames and passwords and they are so easy to use. Password generators like, random.org or passawordgenerator.net will ask you to enter certain keywords, dates or buzz-words that are unique to you. Need to capitalize a letter or add a number? No problem. In a few simple steps you’ve got a list of unique usernames and passwords designed especially for you! More applications like the ones above are, strongpasswordgenerator.com, safepasswd.com and for the kids there’s dinopass.com. Very cool!


Put me in Coach!
With spring on the horizon and baseball season just a few weeks away, it’s time to get your swing in order! And the folks over at Zepp.com have found a way for you to “unleash your swing.” The Zepp helps you play like a pro by using the most intuitive 3D technology once reserved only for players in the Major Leagues. Zepp attaches a small sensor to the bottom of your bat, and with the companion app for iOS or Android; the Zepp will analyze your swing and play it back for you in 3D! It shows you your bat speed, the angle of how you strike the ball, your time to impact, even your follow through! This season, don’t just swing for the fences, let Zepp help you knock it out of the park…every time! Not a baseball fan? No worries. Zepp makes a system for golf and tennis too! Let’s play two!

john lorefice

John Lorefice is a Digital Media Director, Writer and Video Producer working hard to save the planet, change our political system and drink his share of the worlds coffee supply along the way. Questions, thoughts, comments or business enquiries can be sent to: sociallyexceptional@gmail.com.