on a hundred dollar bill

someone’s always coming around here
trailing some new kill,
says i’ve seen your picture
on a hundred dollar bill,
what’s a game of chance to you
to him is one of real skill…*

in her expanded piece this month, dr. susan bartell, our resident therapy columnist, talks about the “slippery slope” of money and how developing a better accord with it can lead to having a better relationship with a significant other. bartell points out that having enough money for basic needs can create a sense of happiness but that having more money doesn’t necessarily increase happiness beyond that point. she also explores the way this affects our relationships. bartell’s money talks reminds me of maslow’s “hierarchy of needs.” i’ve always liked maslow’s idea that a basic amount of money to buy food, clothing and shelter ensures a base rate of satisfaction and that after that, it’s all gravy. looking at things this way puts into perspective that more money doesn’t create self-esteem, but it can allow the indulgence of abstract pursuits that make us more fulfilled. in the spirit of this theory, we’ve created an issue that focuses on how to spend money well, in addition to preserving and growing it.

we’ve collected stories that focus on investing in experiences that can be shared, not bought. don’t miss the boat reviews the vessels best suited to first-time boat buyers based on different seafaring activities. for this feature, editorial assistant casey dooley sourced leading industry professionals to find out why this is the best time to buy a boat (and how to pay for it). our travel segment takes us 
to saint petersburg in time to plan a summer excursion for this usually frigid city’s legendary white nights. south african-born, and one-time long islander, bakithi kumalo (bassist on paul simon’s graceland) will be making an appearance at winterfest. kumalo caught up with writer marie ann mordeno to share his story in anticipation of his return to our sandbar. winterfest live on the vine is in its eighth year now; the result of the blood, sweat and tears some east enders put into creating a music fest that breaks the freeze this month. the addition this year of producer james faith presents (the brains behind great south bay music fest) brings names like amy helm, stanley jordan and 10,000 maniacs to the roster, in addition to kumalo and others.

on the more serious side, new york state attorney general eric schneiderman shared his insights with political pundit jerry kremer. in a special Q&A, the attorney general told us about his office’s battle against prescription drug and opiate addictions, the illegal gun trade and crimes on wall street. headquarters looks at the workstations occupied by a few atypical tradesmen. and of course, our money and law issue wouldn’t be complete without our annual top ten legal eagles. changes in our production schedule factored into us including the 2015 list in addition to 2014’s winners. the segment is a who’s who of the legal community, a perfect reference the next time legal advice is needed. the pages are rounded out by experts in the areas of finance, insurance, mortgages and investing. their experiences add to dr. bartell’s story to cover the gamut of personal money management.

…go on and lose the gamble*


* “angeles,” elliott smith

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.