Local Shows Cover Two Varied Topics

From Portraits to Tweets: Imagery, Technology and the U.S. Presidency
The president of the United States has always been under a microscope—the subject of countless pieces of media as the office has become the most powerful in the world. This exhibit was put together by the Hofstra University Museum and tracks the perception of POTUS in visual art from the stiffly formal portrait of Washington by icon Gilbert Stuart to tweets about Obama and works by pop artist Robert Rauschenberg. Painting, photography, print, moving images and electronic media all explore how technology has changed our response to American presidents. Hofstra is concurrently conducting a conference examining George W. Bush’s presidency from March 24-26.

From Portraits to Tweets: Imagery, Technology and the U.S. Presidency will be showing until May 8 at the Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University Museum in Hempstead. (516) 463-5672, hofstra.edu

Graphic Cuts
Award-winning, internationally recognized New York artist Luba Lukova is bringing her artistic commentary on modern issues to the North Shore. The Graphic Guts collection is a series of metaphoric images that represent Lukova’ s reactions to the current human condition as it regards fundamental fairness and justice. Lukova’s work has graced the cover of Time, appeared in The New York Times and is in the permanent collections of such iconic institutions as The Library of Congress and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Lukova’s goal is to convey the greatest amount of meaning using the fewest elements. For her portrayal of water shortages, she used the form of a gasping fish and a flat landscape punctuated by the word “water.”

Graphic Guts will be showing until April 5 at Gold Coast Arts Center in Great Neck. (516) 829-2570, goldcoastarts.org

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