The Pocket Monkey

It was with a certain amount of skepticism that we brought the PocketMonkey by Zootility into our offices for testing, but since putting the 1-millimeter-thick multi-tool into our wallets, we’ve found even more than the advertised 12 uses for it. The PocketMonkey is far from the only credit-card shaped tool on the market, but it’s certainly the most charming. Since testing began we have used the heat-treated stainless steel card to open mail and packages, to serve as an iPhone stand, to pry open a lamp and soda bottles, fix desk drawers and even to open other PocketMonkeys. When one tester was putting together a stubborn mail-order couch, he found the PocketMonkey’s hex wrench even better suited to the task than the tool designed by the furniture company.

Other PocketMonkey utilities suggested by inventor Nate Barr include ruler and straight edge, screwdriver, door latch slip, headphone wrap and even “banana knicker,” but we’ve found the more time you spend with a Monkey in your pocket, the more fun you’ll have. Pick up a 10-pack and distribute them among your favorite primates. $12 for 1, $48 for 4, $95 for 10 at