#ICYMI: It’s All About Love

Each week in our Pulse Fast Friday series we scour the digital world to show you the things that caught our eyes recently on the web; trending topics you may have missed, the hottest gadgets, new apps and more. What’s recently caught your eye? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we might share it.


Love should have no labels, but it doesn’t always. What happens when you take away all outer appearances and are left with skeletons that hug, kiss and dance before a crowd? What happens when the skeletons reveal themselves?

If you could give your teenage self one-piece of advice what would it be? That’s the question YouTube is asking for its #DearMe campaign. No, you can’t go back in time and follow it, but it might help some other teenagers. Listen to the #DearMe messages of Grace Helbig, Michelle Phan and Felicia Day and then create your own #DearMe GIF Message.


Netflix released Season 3 of its hit political thriller House of Cards a week ago, which means you should really be done binge watching it by now, especially with that snow day. But alas not everyone is that committed so FEMA tweeting about a plot point did not make people happy. They later apologized but remember spoilers aren’t cool.

New App


Enter the age of the selfie remix. A new consumer app, launched March 4, is aiming to take selfie culture to a whole new level. Trio wants to be the next big consumer creation platform in media mashups. It makes it easy to remix other people’s videos, photos, gifs, and music into something new. Find the full story on Pulse Insider on Monday.

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