Lyrical Abstractions

“A single, unified shape unfolds onto a white space.
Patterns connect and define the form
as colors communicate in harmonic chords,”

– Marsha Solomon

Spacial Harmonies by Marsha Solomon

Artist Marsha Solomon doesn’t treat a blank canvas as simply a canvas. To her the raw, untreated canvas is simply a piece of paper. She applies paint directly to the canvas.

“I leave the canvas, which is heavy weight cotton, unprimed because the thinned acrylic I place first on the center of the painting seeps into the fibers and infuses them with an ethereal, atmospheric feel,” Solomon said. “My colors pool, mingle and spread in amazing ways. I always say that I have my way, but I let the paint have its way. “Then my heavier, thicker brushstrokes surrounding the thinned centers create an interplay and allow me to contain and redirect the way of the paint. After all, I’m the artist, I have to have the final say!”

Nocturne by Marsha Solomon

The result is always unique often giving Solomon’s works a lyrical abstraction that comes in part from the way the paint infuses the fiber of the canvas. See that distinctive technique in a new exhibit at the Able Fine Art NY Gallery in Manhattan.

“From Rhythm to Form,” a solo exhibition of paintings by Solomon is on display through April 1. Color and texture infuses the large, color-filled abstractions. The canvas paintings in the collection have a watercolor feel while her watercolors and acrylics embrace color. The work in the exhibit was inspired by early abstract expressionists and is reminiscent of works by Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis and Robert Motherwell.

Dreams Before Sunrise by Marsha Solomon

But Solomon’s unique approach to painting makes the work fresh and innovative. Take “Sonate with the Sun Setting,” an acrylic on canvas that uses color, line, composition and space to create a sense of harmony and invites reflection.

“I know how to create dynamic reverberations by placing certain colors next to each other, and for me, that might be an expression of exuberant joy,” Solomon said. “Someone else may have a quieter response. We all experience the same world, but how we experience it is unique. My work offers both my vision and as many visions as there are people who see it.”

Sonata With The Sun Setting by Marsha Solomon

“From Rhythm to Form,” is on display March 12 to April 1 with an opening reception on Thursday, March 12 from 6 to 8pm at Able Fine Art New York, 511 West 25th Street, Suite 607, Chelsea, New York.