Revealing the Artist’s Identity

When Sue Bird begins to paint she simply paints. There’s no beginning, no idea or goal, the Huntington based artist said of her work. She describes herself as a process painter working from action to reaction, studying her work as it emerges. The results are expressionist paintings that are vibrant in color and improvisation.

surface tension
Surface Tension by Denise Kasof

Bird is one of three artists whose work is on display as the Alfred Van Loen Gallery’s Variations in Abstraction. The exhibit runs from March 7 to April 1 and in addition to Bird, includes works by Denise Kasof and Lili Maglione.

All three are abstract expressionist artists and the exhibit explores the way each of them go about the artistic process. Kasof is a printmaker who for this exhibit explored breaking realties. Her work is full of a free-spirited energy. In contrast artist Maglione’s paintings are more direct with long wide brush strokes.

ottava echo
Ottava Echo by Lili Maglione

The result is an exhibition that explores how each artist reveals their authentic identity through the process of creating work.

Variations in Abstractions is on display at the Alfred Van Loen Gallery, 145 Pidgeon Hill road, Huntington Station to April 1.