Dine at the Guggenheims

Well I don’t care
He gives large parties and I like large parties
They’re so intimate
Small parties there isn’t any privacy

– “I Like Large Parties,” The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

No one did speakeasy era glamour better than Guggenheims. They had a reputation for throwing elaborate, lavish parties in their Gold Coast Home. Experience that speakeasy allure, flapper dresses and fedoras optional during the one-of-a-kind theater experience “Dinner at the Guggenheims’” on Saturday March 21.

Theatergoers will travel back in time to the speakeasy period of the 1920s and make their way to the 1940s while enjoying dinner catered by Phillip Stone, a live orchestra and a show by Tiger/Fried Productions.

The Guggenheims were one of the region’s most accomplished and philanthropic families influencing businesses, aviation, the arts and more. Throughout the evening theatergoers will discover the dynamics of the family and learn about the legacy of the family.

“It is always a pleasure to open up Hempstead House, where the Guggenheims welcomed captains of industry and world leaders at their many parties,” Jean-Marie Posner, executive director of Friends of Sands Point Preserve said

Guests of the Guggenheims will have the choice of eating in the dining room, billiard room or library all the while taking in the many rooms of the Guggenheims estate, viewing the entertainment in the Winter Living Room and dancing in the Palm Court just as guests of the Guggenheims may have once done.

For more information and tickets to “Dinner at the Guggenheims'” visit: http://thesandspointpreserve.com