10 Things to Know About Hamptons Summer Rentals

Cupsoque beach, Westhampton. Image: istockphoto.com/MikeRega

Robert James Canberg knows a thing or two about Hamptons real estate. As one of the top East End luxury real estate agents at Nest Seekers International, where he’s Hampton partners with Million Dollar Listing New York’s Ryan Serhant, he has spent years representing both buyers and sellers in the Hamptons year-round. We spoke with Canberg to find out more about what we can expect this summer season.

Long Island Pulse Insider: How did you get started working with Hampton real estate?
Robert James Canberg:
I spent my summers as a child out here in the Hamptons especially in Montauk watching my father buy and sell real estate, so my love for the Hamptons’ was there early on. As time passed I realized how much I loved being out here and when I started buying and selling my own real estate successfully I knew I could help others.

PI: How is this summer’s market looking compared to last?
This season rentals started early and are going quickly, most of the inventory is already rented in Amagansett and Montauk. Sales have been very strong this quarter despite the bad weather and we are expecting a record second quarter this year. Waterfront properties and popular areas such as Montauk and Amagansett go quickly normally they start renting at the end of the summer, and most of the great rentals are rented by late January.

hamptons rentals
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PI: So it looks like Montauk will continue to be popular!
Montauk will remain popular as it has water on three sides, a growing village, and quintessential Hamptons beach lifestyle.

PI: Got it. With so many properties off the market already however, is too late to start looking now?
New listings are coming on everyday there are still many good buys in all areas and in all price points. Dealing with an active broker will make a buyers search easier, they will even get to see listing before they get to market.

PI: Have you heard of any exciting Hampton hospitality openings or new developments?
Expect Montauk to boom this summer two restaurants/nightclubs have recently been sold and will reopen fully renovated this summer. The condo lifestyle is still high demand with three large new high-end projects currently in the planning phases.

hamptons rentals
A patio full of potted flowers and signs for neighborhoods in the Hamptons. Image: istockphoto.com/CDog

PI: What areas make the best “safe” long-term investments?
The Hamptons have always been a sound investment and even with the recent down turn the return on investment is very strong with continued growth. In the current market we are seeing high demand for turnkey solutions – either fully renovated or new construction..

PI: Is there such a thing a good deal in the Hamptons?
A good deal can mean many things to different people but it is essential that buyers educate themselves on the market, knowing what has sold in the area and what comparable listings are listed for. Unless the property is strictly investment, most buyers will live in the property they buy and this in itself is a key factor, which will often offset the need for the best buy with the quality of life and knowledge of a sound investment.

PI: What about for people on a budget? Do they have any chance of finding something?
There are still many affordable houses in the area! The key is to work with a competent realtor who will be able to find the best home that meets their needs.

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PI: Craziest house amenity you’ve ever seen?
Full indoor bowling alley on the lower level with full time staff and tennis court on the roof of a waterside mansion due to come to market late this year.

PI: What’s an ideal day in the Hamptons for you?
At the beach of course! Relaxing… just pick any beach here we certainly have the best beaches in the world! After that its off to one of our many spectacular restaurants for a fabulous meal, fantastic wine, good music, and who knows? It doesn’t really matter at that point , after all you’re in the Hamptons’…… Life is Good!