7 Tips for Consignment Shopping

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The recent spat of warmer weather has us dreaming of spring fashion. We’re longing for energetic patterns and unpredictable shapes and consignment shopping is one way to get that spring fashion trend for daywear. Consignment shops often buy out other boutiques making is easy for shoppers to scoop up designer merchandise for a bargain. Check out this list of our favorite consignment shops on the Island and then use these tips to update your spring wardrobe.

Set a budget: Should go without saying but have a budget for how much you plan to spend and stick to it. One of the best parts about consignment shopping though is never knowing what you’re going to find so leave a bit of room for surprises in your budget.

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Have a plan: Often we treat shopping as an activity, not a necessity and sometimes that’s fine, but when it comes to consignment shopping you need a plan. Have a few items in mind that you are looking for, such as that designer jacket you want at a bargain.

Examine Items carefully: Maybe you could repair a small rip or wash a stain but do you really want to? There are plenty of other items to choose from.

Look for New Tags: While consignment shops sell some wonderful high quality nearly new items they also sell plenty of new items from either the original owners who left the tags on or boutiques that were liquidating. Look for new tags.

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Take a friend: Especially if you’re looking for something in particular, a second set of eyes and an honest opinion is always worthwhile.

Wash clothes when you get home: Another one that should go without saying but always wash your clothes when you get home. Kim Pezza, of the New Century Homesteader, recommends a product such as Goo Gone for stubborn price sticker residue and if you end up with something not completely new saddle soap works great on used leather and white vinegar for getting out strange odors in clothes.

Check Back Often: If you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for check back. Inventories at consignment shops often change more frequently than a regular boutique.