Exotico Beer-ita

exotico reposado

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A south-of-the-border beverage with Exotico Blanco and reposado that will have you thinking of warm weather and sandy shores even though you’re freezing your butt off during a Saturday tailgate. After you thaw out and hit the showers, postgame at one of these trendy Long Island Mexican joints.

Exotico Beer-ita

Recipe by Exotico
Makes one serving


1.5oz Exotico Blanco
.5oz triple sec
1.5oz fresh lime sour
1oz Exotico Reposado


Combine all ingredients in a large shaker.

Rim margarita glass with salt, and pour mixture in over ice.

Top with one bottle of Mexican beer for your choice. Serve rest of the beer on the side. Olé!

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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