Travel Channel to Feature Long Island

This week’s episode of the Travel Channel’s popular series, Mysteries at the Museum, pays a visit to a Long Island Museum. Mysteries at the Museum, will feature the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City in an episode titled, “Invention of the Mile High Club, The Attempted Assassination of Andrew Jackson, Zip to Zap.”

In its eighth season, Mysteries at the Museum, follows host Don Wildman around the United States as he scours thousands of museum artifacts and shares the tales those artifacts reveal about America’s past.

One of those artifacts is the Sperry Gyroscope on display at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The aeronautical device revolutionized the aviation industry but it was also at the center of a scandal. Watch Don Wildman examine the aeronautical device and its infamous claim to fame on the Travel Channel on Friday, April 10 at 9pm and read about how and why the aviation industry settled on Long Island during the early years of the 20th Century in April’s Picture Past, “Long Island’s High Flying History.”