Sharing a Passion for Americana Music

Call it Americana, folk or bluegrass; no matter the name it’s hard to deny the pull that genre of music can have. For Lauren Jahoda, founder of Heartstrings Magazine and Heartstrings Presents, the music had such a pull she created a media company designed to share the experience of that music. On Friday, April 17 Heartstrings Presents holds its first of what Jahoda hopes will be many concerts.

“We want to open people’s eyes a little bit to new kinds of music,” Jahoda said.

The Americana, folk, roots genre captured Jahoda’s attention with its haunting tones, vulnerable voices and picked, bowed and strummed traditional wood and string instruments from her first attendance at the Newport Folk Festival in 2011. Since then she’s traveled to festivals around the country becoming immersed in the widespread but small knit community of Americana musicians, producers, and writers. That’s how Heartstrings Magazine the online news source for the genre of music came about, but through all the interviews Jahoda still wanted to bring the music here to Long Island.

“Long Island has its share of bluegrass but people weren’t coming here to play,” Jahoda said.

On Friday night some of them will come when Heartstrings Presents features Jonah Tolchin, Frank Fairfield, Tom Marion, Zac Sokolow and Bill Scorzari in Huntington for their inaugural concert event.

“It’s for all ages,” Jahoda said. “The people that come to the show I’m not sure they’ve ever seen anything else like it.”

What: Heartstrings Presents Inaugural Concerts
When: Friday, April 17, 8pm, doors open at 7pm
Where: Congregational Church of Huntington
Price: $20