How Many Egg Yolks a Day?


Image: AleksandarGeorgiev

The egg yolk issue can be a confusing one for many, but recent research suggests that dietary cholesterol doesn’t have a great impact on blood cholesterol. There are some conditions, which interfere with cholesterol digestion and for these people cholesterol should be carefully avoided. But without any underlying issues, I would be comfortable with someone eating an egg yolk or two daily.

Remember, you can always supplement with egg whites if you are targeting a specific daily cholesterol limit. This will cut the calories and up the protein ratio. I often eat three egg whites for breakfast, with one or two egg yolks. The extra protein has the additional benefit of long lasting fullness.

The bottom line is that an egg yolk with breakfast will probably not increase your cholesterol by itself and they are filled with micro-nutrients like vitamin D, folate and vitamin B12.

dr. uruj kamal

dr. uruj kamal

Dr. Uruj Kamal is a second year resident in Psychiatry at Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine. A Stony Brook native, she enjoys combining her knowledge of mental health and awareness with her passion for health, fitness and beauty. In her spare time, enjoys fashion, kayaking on West Meadow Beach, and creating westernized-Asian recipes.