Like Mother, Like Daughter


image: 2012 Floral Fantasy Bra Gift Set and Bombshell Fantasy Fragrance designed exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by Candy & Randi Udell

Together, Candy Udell and Randi Alper-Udell have traveled the world, designed two Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras, expanded the London Jewelers empire and become to the Long Island jewelry scene what Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson are to Tinseltown: a mother-daughter power duo.

“It’s been my dream my whole life and that it’s come true,” Candy, the President of London Jewelers, said. “I’m just very lucky.”

“There’s nothing else in the world that’s as important as that,” added Randi, who is the Vice President of London Jewelers and is the fourth generation of her family to work there.

Candy married into the business (her husband, Mark Udell, is the company’s CEO), and Randi was born into it.

“Every day after school, on weekends I went to the store and hung out there,” Randi said. “My little playground was the store.”

In addition to passing on a love of jewelry and knowledge of the business, Candy instilled values into her daughter—and another important skill.

“She taught me how to cook. I think that’s pretty important too,” Randi laughed.

Color Candy impressed.

“She makes really good fish, sole,” Candy said. “She does it with panko and vegetables and herbs. It’s just delicious. It melts in your mouth. She taught me that actually.”

Now a mother to two young daughters, Randi says she’s happy to have her mother around to continue to teach her about business and everyday life. It’s her turn to do some teaching, too. Her eldest daughter, three-year-old Sienna London (“Like the store,” Randi said.), already loves coming to work with mom and helping her with beading.

“She’s gotten quite good at that,” Randi said.

So will the family business extend to a fifth generation?

“The meaning of the business going from four generations to a fifth is really my dream,” Candy said.

If Sienna some day joins London Jewelers, Randi will be there to guide her with advice passed on from Candy.

“I would say take the bulls by the horn,” Randi said. “Nothing gets given to you, so you have to work hard for it.”

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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