Strengthening His Core

After a nine-season career playing in the NFL—including the 2004 through 2007 seasons with the Jets—Erik Coleman is bringing special meaning to his life post-football. Where many former pros falter, Coleman has rededicated himself to sharing his enthusiasm for health and wellness working as the practice manager for CORE Medical New York, a high-end company in Woodbury that specializes in hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, IV nutrient therapy and more. Coleman’s time as an athlete at the highest levels taught him a lot about exercise and nutrition and he is now using that knowledge to assist others.

Sports from the Start
Coleman’s sporting life began when he was just an eight-year-old with dreams of playing professional baseball. He attended Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, Washington, where he was a standout football and basketball player. Although he mainly concentrated on basketball in high school, a steady flow of letters recruiting him to play college football convinced him to focus on the gridiron.

“Football chose me,” Coleman reflected in a conversation with Pulse, adding that the decision worked out for the best. He went to Washington State, played in a Rose Bowl and began attracting attention from professional teams. In 2004 the Jets drafted Coleman in the fifth round, an experience he called “awesome and crazy.” His career would go on to span nearly a decade and included stints in Atlanta and Detroit in addition to New York.

The last three years of Coleman’s career were grueling. He began to lose steam and struggled to maintain his energy levels. “My body was breaking down as the season would end,” he said. When training in Miami, Coleman consulted veteran players to see how they sustained their vigor.

They prompted him to have his blood analyzed and a series of tests revealed the nutrients Coleman’s body had been lacking. Once he started replenishing with IV vitamin treatments he began to recover more quickly and found he had more energy.
“Why didn’t I know this before?” Coleman asked himself, amazed at the revitalization.

CORE Values
After Coleman’s playing career ended he felt that everyday people, not just professional athletes, would benefit from what he had discovered. He teamed up with Sidney Gordon, CEO of CORE Medical Florida, and Mario Manna, a board certified family practitioner, to form CORE Medical New York—a platform where he could share his experience with others.

At CORE, Coleman meets with potential and current clients to provide guidance and inspiration. He works in conjunction with Manna, who conducts comprehensive diagnostic evaluations to formulate the best roadmaps to improved health for clients. Manna also corresponds with his patients’ personal physicians to ensure programs meet their individual needs.

“This is our specialty,” Coleman told Pulse, adding that CORE Medical’s services are not intended to replace traditional medical practices but to supplement them. Coleman described his work as “a piece of the pie,” interlocking with exercise and a healthy diet, which can help people achieve optimum wellness, making them feel younger and stronger.

The Big Picture
Coleman’s personal wellness plan includes plenty of time with his family. Originally from the West Coast, Coleman now considers Long Island his home. His wife, Sabrina, is from the area and Coleman has definitely settled in.

The couple is raising their two daughters and newborn son near Sabrina’s close-knit family, and Coleman feels blessed with how his life has turned out. He makes the most of what he has by keeping strong family bonds intact and embracing his opportunities. “New York is an amazing place. I wouldn’t want to leave.”

It is often hard for high-achieving pro athletes to find meaning when their on-field careers end. But Coleman couldn’t be happier. He enjoys educating others, and by cheering on his clients from the sidelines, he’s part of the action.