Take Amazing Instagram Pics

instagram pic 2, credit Apple ElgathaA flash will ruin a picture. Always use natural light. Image: Apple Elgatha
Pictures of food can be just as drool-worthy as sitting in front of the real thing. When was the last time you checked in on Instagram and saw a picture of what a friend or celebrity was eating that made you want to eat it too? If not today, I’m betting at least within the past week. Food photography is hard, but if you know the most Instagramable Long Island restaurants and a few tips from the experts you’ll be making your friends drool too. Centerport resident Emily Sundberg, who has an Instagram following of 20,000 and frequently works with television stations on social media food photograph, and cookbook author and chef to the stars Apple Elgatha shared their simple tips for showcasing food.

Always Use Natural Light: A flash will ruin the picture. When making a reservation, Sundberg suggests requesting a table by a window. If it’s not possible to be near a window or door, try to make sure there are no shadows near the plate.

Pay Attention to Angles: Angles are so important, both Sundberg and Elgatha said. Directly overhead shots are the rave right now, but Elgatha suggests shooting a few different angles.

“Shoot the bowl from the top, then from the side, but at an angle,” Elgatha said.

Don’t Over Edit: Filters are not what makes that food shot you see look awesome. Sundberg cautions not to over edit or add too many filters.

Think of the Entire Image: Don’t just focus on the food but the whole image. What’s in the background? Elgatha suggests throwing in unique, colorful plates, bowls or towels if you’re at home or your dining-out companions don’t mind you using their cutlery as props.

Instagram pic, credit Apple Elgatha Image: Apple Elgatha
Get in the Moment: The best food photos, according to Elgatha and Sundberg, don’t have to be of a completed dish. Sundberg likes to show some in-progress photos while she’s cooking.
It’s also cool to see the food half eaten with some crumbs on the plate,” said.

Add a Garnish: A garnish thrown on top or some drizzle helps the food look delicious, Elgatha said.

Make it Viral: Sundberg said to pay attention to hashtags and the location field on Instagram to make a photograph reach a larger audience. “#Foodporn is so popular, anything outrageous, or local favorite restaurants that people can relate to,” Sundberg said.