The 2015 Summer Almanac

Long Island was made for summer. From west to east you’ll find pristine beaches, outdoor concerts, lively festivals and restaurants for every taste. Seek them out in any order that fits, when it comes to culture, lifestyles and outdoor activities we have an embarrassment of riches.


Where the expressway ends, the crease of the Peconic Bay begins, the body of water that gives Long Island its unique fishtail geography. At the literal fork in the road, those who head north are greeted with lush farmlands, glistening waterfronts and a natural tranquility that has changed very little in recent years despite the development taking place throughout our region.


Perhaps the most celebrated corner of Long Island, visitors from all over flock to the Hamptons in the summer to get a taste of the glamour. But locals know there’s more to the East End than pristine beaches, lavish estates and designer shopping. Not that we need more, but for those who want it…


The End is just the beginning of the action in the Hamptons. If you love the beach, there’s no better spot to be than Montauk.



The string of towns that line the Great South Bay share a type of laid-back vibe that makes it easy to forget the noise up on the LIE. Here, quaint downtowns with unique local businesses LIE just a few miles from beaches, marinas and parks.


Summer on the South Shore means sandy feet and sun-kissed cheeks. When the days get longer, you can’t help but want to be outside soaking up every minute on this long stretch of beautiful beaches and lush parks.



From the moment you step off the ferry, everything slows down. Tradein car horns for the soft ding of bicycle bells and the sounds of wagons rolling down the dock.


North Shore
Steeped in history, the Gold Coast is rife with historic mansions, winding, tree-lined roads and serene coves and harbors, offering tremendous views of the Long Island Sound.