Timely Toothbrush


Image: Courtesy of Quip NYC Inc.

Pulse staffers love subscription services. Some of us have razorblades delivered every few weeks, others cycle through their Netflix queues as they (finally) binge watch Breaking Bad. Just last month art director Kenny Janosick found his new go-to pomade after opening his Birchbox shipment. Treating a toothbrush the same way not only makes life easier, it actually helps you brush better. Quip is a modern take on a battery- powered toothbrush. Sign up and the service sends you a replacement head and toothpaste every three months. The motor that oscillates the bristles is also a timer that will keep rocking for two minutes—which makes dentists happy and reduces the chance of shortchanging the bicuspids. Starting at $25 plus $10 every 3 months; getquip.com