Stylists to the Stars Reveal Top Beauty Products



Artistry is an innate talent, but experience and education nurtures our craft and creative souls. Makeup masters and other successful industry pros rely on one another in a network of knowledge, sharing with others who ooze expert advice. Who better to ask what’s best when it comes to cosmetics?

The question posed was simple: What cosmetic do you use fanatically? The answers came from near and far.

Allow me to introduce industry peers and very special artists who have collectively touched tens of thousands of faces ranging from the most celebrated in the world to the everyday woman who powers the cosmetics economy. If you use makeup, these are the individuals to ask what they obsess about.

Deb Davis, Makeup Supervisor Foxtel – Melbourne, Australia

“The most used and all-time must in my kit is Ben Nye Eye Definers in black, grey, brown and taupe. They are versatile, smooth and blendable. I love that they can be applied in the waterline of the eye as liner. They form the base of any smoky eye and can be layered with any pressed or loose-pigment eye shadow. I also use them for avant-garde makeups as they can be sealed with Green Marble SLR or Ben Nye Final Seal.”

Kevin James Bennett, Emmy Award Winner and Cosmetic Industry Expert – New York, N.Y.

“I’ve been using Kett Sett Pressed Powder. It’s the best no-color pressed powder I have ever used. I’m a fanatic about creating gorgeous complexions and color-matched custom foundations on anyone who sits in my makeup chair. I refuse to use a tinted translucent powder that might change the carefully matched complexion. I keep one Kett Sett in my kit, one in my set bag and a few in my makeup back stock so I never have to worry about not having it.”

Tracey Lunato, Cosmetologist – Enid, Okla.

“Hair products are my specialty as well as updos. I love Osis+ Dust It powder because it gives my work the volume it needed for that crown-of-hair look that’s being created. What hooked me on Osis+ was that it really helped women with thinning limp hair. It makes the hair cooperate much more. You can feel the product in your hair but cannot see it. There is no greasiness, flakes or crispy pieces from too much hair spray or gel. I recommend this for everyone, especially if you suffer from limp, fine, straight, silky hair. This will give you hopes that you can have amazing hair! It actually works. Best deals are on Amazon. Hands down, a product I hope to never live without.”



Violet Vella, Makeup Artist & Educator – Attard, Malta

“Duraline from Inglot. You can be as creative as you like by converting your favorite eye shadows into a very long-wearing liner. I discovered the durability of this clear fluid while doing stage makeup. With the all the heat from stage lights and dancing, you want a look that is guaranteed to not smudge. It can be used with powders, gels, loose shimmer eye shadows and your existing pencil eyeliner to make them last longer and less of a mess from shadow fallout. When used with eyeliner gel, you can cover the whole mobile eyelid with it for a runway drama look. This will make a bold statement and can be seen from afar.”

Kathryn Roumieu, Makeup Artist & Blogger – Vancouver, BC

“It’s easy to choose my FAVE, must-have product: FACE Atelier Ultra Foundation. It works with all skin types, is super pigmented and may also be applied via airbrushing. Its versatility makes it a must-have in any pro’s kit as well as a consumer’s personal makeup bag. There is no sun protection added to the formulation (no flash bounce-back), and it endures under hot lighting, sweat and action!”

Tom Murry, Hair Stylist – Long Island, N.Y.

“Men with thick or thinning hair should take notice of KMS Hair Play Molding Paste. It’s going to give you that fifties and sixties pompadour look we crave. It helps to control texture. Apply wet to course thick hair for more control. Fine hair or blondes should apply dry. If you’re a man whose hair is thinning, especially up front, apply to damp hair, run your fingers through and wear messy for a fuller, thicker looking hairline.

I hope all of the brands mentioned above are something new that you love. As experienced professionals, we love to share. Think of us as beauty encyclopedias. We make a living with the art of beauty for a reason and are crazy about our tools and like what we do.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.