Top 5 Scenes from Jaws

Jaws turns 40 this month. There were so many great scenes in this Spielberg classic (if you could keep from covering your eyes), but we narrowed it down to our top five. Let us know yours in the comments section or on social media.

1- Dog Jaws_Blood_on_the_Beach

What happened to the dog?

A lot of people met their maker in Jaws. Don’t get us wrong, that was sad and scary to watch, but what about this poor mutt? Pippet is seen playing a friendly game of fetch just before a shark attack. When the dust clears, his owner is seen calling for him. He doesn’t come. See you at the rainbow bridge, big guy.


Get out of the Water!

In the same scene, Brody plays the role of Captain Obvious and yells, “Everybody get out!” Sorry if that was harsh. We’re still bummed about the dog.


“You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat”

The film’s most famous line. When the crew comes face-to-face with the man-and-dog-eating monster, a shell-shocked Brody mutters, “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” As we told you last week, that wasn’t exactly in the script.

3- Hooper_in_the_Cage_Jaws_8_10_Movie_CLIP_1975_HD

Great Escape

Another unscripted moment: Hooper’s escape from the cage. The shark got tangled and smashed the cage during the filming of the scene. Spielberg liked it so much he deviated from the book and let Hooper live.

5- Shark dies

Got Him!

Spoiler alert! Brody blows the beast to smithereens and puts everyone out of their misery (until the sequel).

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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