Enter the World of ‘Secrets and Wives’ Star Gail Greenberg

On Bravo Media’s Secrets and Wives, Gail Greenberg is always on the go. She loves a fast-paced life, whether it’s working alongside her husband, meeting up with her friends or enjoying time with her children. When not working or appearing on the show, Greenberg can be spotted at some of the Hamptons’ and North Shore’s hottest spots. Here, the Secrets and Wives star shares her favorite Long Island places.

Long Island Pulse: Why did you decide to be part of Secrets & Wives?
Gail Greenberg: I just thought it was a great platform to hang out and show off the lifestyles of my girlfriends and myself. I think we live really relatable lives.

image: Bravo Media

image: Bravo Media

Pulse: What should we look forward to on the show?
GG: Me integrating with the other women, what we do ritually on a day-to-day basis. It shows the camaraderie between women and my life with my husband and how we work together. Ours is a second marriage, which is new to me.

Pulse: What makes the North Shore special for you?
GG: I’ve been here since 1994. I grew up in Westchester, and it was a slower-paced life. I lived in New York City for a bit, and I felt Long Island was an extension of the city. I like a fast-paced life. I just love it here. My children love it here. It’s a great place.

Pulse: Are you proud of the show’s representation of your home?
GG: I’m absolutely proud of how the show represents Long Island. This is just a glimpse of it, though. It’s six women and their Long Island and I’m sure a great majority of Long Island is not incorporated in the show.

Pulse: Now, that it’s finally feeling like summer, what does your ideal summer weekend look like?
GG: We’re in the Hamptons every weekend. We leave Friday night, go to a party, then we have dinner just my husband and me. Saturday, we go to Soul Cycle or do some other type of exercise together, we have lunch, go to the beach, go to another party. We wake up Sunday morning and repeat Saturday. I love every second of it. It goes by so quickly.

Pulse: When you are on the North Shore, what are some of your hangout spots?
GG: We belong to a country club, and we go to the Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza to shop. Bar Frites and Bryant & Cooper Steak House.

Pulse: What makes a perfect summer on the North Shore dinner party?
GG:  Amazing, amazing ambiance. We have an awesome negative-edge pool and fire places in our backyard. It’s very serene at night. Sometimes we do steak and lobster or great appetizers, drinks and desserts. We’ve had engagement parties, intimate dinner parties, parties for 150 plus people. We love to host at home.