5 Minutes to Better Abs

Abs. From beach days to pool party, they’re on display all summer. This quick workout will help you shed your caftan with confidence this summer.

What You Need
3 to 8-pound dumbbells

What To Do
1 minute of alternating plank rows with dumbbells
30-second plank
1 minute of V-Ups
30-second plank
1 minute of Russian twists
30-second plank
30-seconds of hands to forearm switches

Pro tip: You have enough pains in the back in your life. Hold still in plank, and avoid shifting your back as you tire.

Crunched for time? Every little bit counts, especially in the summer. On Wednesdays this summer, lipulse.com will be giving you quick, five-step workouts so you can maximize your time and results.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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