Dreams of Becoming a Published Author

“Infinite Words: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Publishing” by Zane

“Infinite Words: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Publishing” by Zane

Sometimes, you feel like a boiling pot.

That’s because you’ve been cooking a story up and it bubbles and rolls just below the surface of your mind, waiting to burst forth into a bestseller for an eager audience. It’s always been your dream to be a famous author – and that could happen, but there’s work to do first.  Infinite Words by Zane can get you started.

You’re witty. You’re hip. You’ve had an interesting life and friends have said that you should write a book, although “Not everyone who thinks they want to will be able to write a book or become a published author,” says Zane. Even so, if you decide to walk the walk, there are lots of steps to consider.

First of all, she says, you’ll need discipline to set your writing habits, to find the right people to help you create a good product, and to finish your manuscript. Determine your writing style, and “make a PIE” (Persuasion, Information, Entertainment) to hold your readers’ interest. Mixing the “six basic human needs” into your story is also important, and while you’re writing, read, read, read; you will learn from other writers.

As for characters in a novel, know what to do and what not to do. Zane warns against adding too much “fluff” in your story; it only serves as padding and might turn readers away. For a nonfiction book, remember that anything libelous or slanderous won’t be published by a reputable company. “Publishers,” says Zane, “are not going to risk a lawsuit, no matter how amazing the book may be.”

Understand that the editing process requires patience (and yes, even if you’re self-publishing, you’ll need proofreaders and an editor). Don’t ever send a sloppy manuscript out. Know the realities of being an author, keep in mind that “The literary industry is a very small, close-knit community,” and maintain professionalism at all times.

Says Zane, remember that “A successful writing career is not going to fall into your lap.”

Oh, how I wish I could wave a magic wand and put “Infinite Words” into the hands of every new and budding writer!

With blunt truthfulness that’s like a breath of fresh air, author-publisher Zane tells it like it is as she coaches writing readers with tough-love and advice that regretfully still might not bring success (which she explains). Be aware that that may squash your dreams; in fact, there are many pages where her words could be hard to accept. Nevertheless, readers brave enough to be in it for the long-haul (and that includes erotica writers) will find info to instruct, becalm, and enlighten, from opening sentence to finished product.

If you’ve been told that you “should write a book,” this is the place to start it. This book can keep you on-track and avoiding mistakes, and it can help you determine if you’ve got it in you to continue. If you’ve always dreamed of being an author, “Infinite Words” is perfect, whether you’re planning history, memoir, erotica, romance, or… potboiler.