5 Father’s Day Gifts for a DIY Dad

Make this the Father’s Day you finally break out of your tie rut. You’re so much more creative than that. If your Dad reminds you of Home Improvement’s Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, go with one of these picks from Minwax spokesperson and a father and son himself, Bruce Johnson.

image: istockphoto.com

image: istockphoto.com

Battery Powered Drill

Make your Dad a versatile and mobile handyman. With a battery powered drill, he can work anywhere, indoors, outdoors, it doesn’t make a difference. “It just makes it much easier to undertake a do-it-yourself project if you don’t have to look for an outlet,” Johnson said. He also won’t have to worry about extension chords and can put on different accessories, like screw driver bits. Try this one from DEWALT ($99.99, Sears).

Palm Sander

Palm sanders are great for the final sanding of a piece of unfinished furniture or removing an old finish. They can hold a quarter sheet of paper and are much easier to control than their belt sander cousins.  “They are lightweight, easy to use and travel well,” Johnson said. Black and Decker makes a good one ($29.97, The Home Depot).


image: 3M, amazon.com

Safety Glasses with Built-In Bifocals

Johnson has been waiting for these for years. Gone are the days of Dad having to put his safety glasses over his reading glasses. Now, he can have it all in one with safety Glasses with built-in bifocals, like this pair from 3M ($12.38, Amazon.com). “They are great for protecting your dad’s eyes and allowing him to read the directions on the back of the can,” Johnson laughed.

Battery Powered Clip-On Light


image: Fulcrum, amazon.com

Battery powered clip-on lights are small with adjustable, flexible light, a clamp at the end and sometimes a swivel head. ” It’s great when dad is working on one of those projects underneath the sink or in a dark corner,” Johnson said. “He can literally take a light. clamp it on right next to him and shine the light where he needs it.” Much like the battery powered drill, a battery powered clip-on light means no extension chord or need for an outlet.  Here’s a good one from Fulcrum ($16.99, Amazon.com).

Touch Up Kit

Give your DIY dad a grab bag of goodies. Johnson recommends starting with a dishpan with handles, like this Rubbermaid one ($13.99, Ace Hardware). Then, stock up on items that your pop will need when he’s doing touch ups around the house. Johnson suggests disposable gloves, an assortment pack of sandpaper, Minwax stain markers ($5.98, Home Depot), lemon oil for dusting, a can opener, a small can of Wipe-On Poly ($15.30, Amazon.com) and a small roll of heavy-duty paper towels. No need to stop there. “Have fun filling it up with other things like pliers and screw drivers,” Johnson said. “Whenever he needs to do some touchups or there’s some scratches on the floor, all he needs to do is go in the tool caddy.” He can even clamp his brand-new clip-on light to the caddy as he gets to work.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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