Elie Tahari and Vespa Ride into Summer Together

A brand new collection of Vespas motored into the Hamptons with the help of designer Elie Tahari. Just in time for summer, the two Vespas on display at the Elie Tahari East Hampton boutique feature seats covered in fabrics from the Elie Tahari Spring/Summer 2015 and sport collections.

The motor scooters are part of a new partnership between Elie Tahari and Vespa Brooklyn. Inspired by the colors of Santorini, the designer created a blue silk tie-dye blouse, the Haydon blouse, which is one of the fabrics used on the seat covers. Other fabrics include mesh, redberry and neoprene, each corresponding with the colors in the 2015 Vespa collection.

vespa, elie thari

image: image: elie tahari

All of the Elie Tahari New York boutiques will be displaying 2015 Vespas from Vespa Brooklyn through July 4. The 5th Avenue Vault Boutique has three and the Soho Boutique has one.

Scoot on into one of the locations and check out the Vespas before they motor on.