Carbonara Pizza Recipe

One bite of this Carbonara Pizza by Chef Luciano Suatto of Las Vegas’s Salute Restaurant and you’ll feel like you’re in southern Italy. Made out of ricotta, pancetta and arugula and topped with a slow cooked egg and decadent guanciale, the simple, fresh ingredients blend perfectly for a luscious, delicious taste. You could even eat it for breakfast without feeling too guilty.

Carbonara Pizza Recipe

Recipe by Chef Luciano Suatto, of Salute Restaurant
Makes 1 pizza

1 pizza dough
4oz ricotta
2 tablespoons sautéed onions
2 tablespoons diced pancetta
1oz arugula
2oz guanciale
1 slow cooked egg

Dice Pancetta and cook, rendering out the fat. In a food processor combine fresh ricotta with the rendered pancetta fat, season with salt and pepper. Slow poach the eggs in a circulator at 62 degrees celsius for an hour, or soft poach an egg in simmering water.

Prepare the pizza oven or stone to as high as possible or 900 in a wood burning oven. Roll out a 6oz pizza dough, cover with the ricotta pancetta. Garnish the pizza with the sautéed onions and cooked pancetta. Bake the pizza, remove and cut into eight slices. Finish garnishing with the arugula, sliced guancialli and the cooked egg directly in the center.