Find the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Face it, dads are hard to shop for. Every year when Mother’s Day comes around, I think finding the perfect gift for my mom is hard but then comes Father’s Day and I’m stumped. There’s the old standbys: a tie, a bottle of his favorite brand of bourbon, a gift certificate to a local shop but there’s got to be something better or at least an attempt to find the perfect gift. This year, I turned to Bill Gildersleeve for help. The owner of RENEE’s Mattituck and a father himself shared his ideal Father’s Day gifts.

The Boring Gift
Gildersleeve confirmed that you don’t want to get your dad a tie.

“The most popular gift we sold use to always be a tie but that’s kind of boring,” Gildersleeve said.

Perfect Gifts For The Beach Loving Dad

image: nicholas duers

image: nicholas duers

For the dad you can’t tear away from the beach look for a nice new swimsuit, flip flops or a quarter zip sweatshirt.

Perfect Gifts For The Foodie Dad

Skip the grill tools this Father's Day. image: shotshare

Skip the grill tools this Father’s Day. image: shotshare

Gildersleeve, who cooks a lot for his family, said he’d want a nice outfit to wear to his favorite restaurant so he didn’t have to cook or an apron in a dark color if he’s going to be cooking at home.

Perfect Gifts For The New Dad

Grab a Polo shirt for the new dad. image

Grab a Polo shirt for the new dad. image: renee’s of mattituck

Look for a stylish bag that can double as a diaper bag and a nice comfortable outfit.

“New dads are always lugging stuff around: strollers, bags, they need something comfortable and stylish wear,” Gildersleeve said. 

Perfect Gifts For The Techie Dad

Matt & Nat bag. image: rennets of mattituck

Matt & Nat bag. image: renee’s of mattituck

Face it: your first adopter dad probably already has all the tech stuff he needs. He stood in line for it after all, but does he have something to carry all his gear in?

“A functional bag with multiple compartments so can put all his devices,” Gildersleeve suggested.

Perfect Gifts For The Really Hard To Shop For Dad

Mercana lamp image: renee's of mattituck

Mercana lamp image:

Gildersleeve gift certificates are very popular. “Most people aren’t going to buy dad a new suit but they can put money towards it,” Gildersleeve adding that other popular gifts are swimsuits and t-shirts and for the impossible to shop for…

“Framed prints for the office or lamps for the man cave,” Gildersleeve said, adding he just had a four people in ordering a leather recliner chair for their dad for Father’s Day. 

The Ideal Father’s Day

image: felicia perretti

image: felicia perretti

For Gildersleeve, who spends a lot of time cooking, the perfect Father’s Day begins with breakfast with his family. He doesn’t even care what the breakfast is.

“I’m the chef so as long as they cook for me,” Gildersleeve said. After breakfast, Gildersleeve said he’d go to work for a bit but hope to leave early.

“Have a cocktail with my dad, ride on the boat and a barbecue,” Gildersleve said would be the end to his ideal Father’s Day.

After all, the best gifts are often ones involving time with loved ones.