Your Favorite Menswear Shop is Now Open in Manhasset

It was fitting for J. Michaels Menswear to quietly relocate to Manhasset in October. After all, this isn’t the place to find a flashy shirt that will be worn once and then forgot about. J. Michaels Menswear is where you go for the fashion-forward, yet traditional shirt that will be reached for again and again. And that’s how they moved, seamlessly closing in St. James and reopening in Manhasset as if they were always on the Gold Coast.

Stepping inside the 1691 Northern Boulevard location feels like walking into a favorite study. It’s cozy and inviting with wood floors, high ceilings and warm walls. Almost as if you could grab a good book and settle in to read, only surrounded by beautiful suits, sports coats, dress shirts, jeans and more.

image: j. michaels menswear

image: j. michaels menswear

“The space was just so beautiful, not cookie cutter at all,” Cheryl Jones, who co-owns J. Michaels with her husband Michael, said.

It’s a space you would expect from Cheryl and Michael. After all, the husband and wife team hand-selects fabrics for J. Michaels Menswear and will customize almost all of the store’s offerings. While they specialize in suits, they also have a large line of casual clothes.

“The casual end is just as important, we want to be the place a guy can come in and get fitted for everything,” Michael said.

image: j. michaels menswear

image: j. michaels menswear

With the official start of summer just a few days away, the boutique has a large collection of linens and shorts in stock.

“We cater to the working gentlemen that’s a bit clotheshorse and also socially active,” Michael said.

The decision to move to Manhasset wasn’t one Michael and Cheryl came to lightly. They have a loyal St. James customer base that helped them build their business from a 500-square foot space in Munsey Park to 1200-square foot in St. James. But they had been looking for a space on Gold Coast for a couple of years. The 2100-square foot Manhasset space takes them into a market where they are in the middle of the area’s price point of other similar shops but with a neighborhood boutique feel that is unique. While the location is a bit hidden on Northern Boulevard, once discovered J. Michaels Menswear quickly becomes a favorite.

image: j. michaels menswear

image: j. michaels menswear

“We’ve done so many more suits in the time we’ve been here,” Cheryl said. She studied in Italy and will tailor anything and she loves making sure the fabric fits perfectly.

“For me it’s all about the fabric, I’m not label driven,” Cheryl said.

J. Michaels offers to keep files for their clients, so if a man knows his neighbor also shops there they don’t end up wearing the same thing to an event.

“We’re a true mom and pop store,”Cheryl said.

“It’s a true men’s store,” Michael added.