Total Body Toner

The summer is supposed to be slower, a time to relax, but when you’re dealing with getting your kid to day camp, an overflowing work inbox and a packed social calendar, it can be tough to remember the last time you worked out. Don’t get down on yourself, just get efficient with this workout that tones every inch.

What You Need For This Workout Wednesday
3 to 8-pound dumbbells

What To Do
30 seconds of pushups
1 minute of plank jacks
30 seconds of squats with overhead presses
1 minute of burpees
30 seconds of single-leg deadlifts
Rest 20 seconds
Repeat 2x

Pro-tip: Keep tour core tight (bellybutton pulled into the spine) during your burpee. It’ll help you firm up your abs and reduce the chances of lower-back pains. A win-win.

Crunched for time? Every little bit counts, especially in the summer. On Wednesdays this summer, will be giving you quick, five-step workouts so you can maximize your time and results.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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