A Hamptons Landmark

The wines are distinctive and award-winning.
Calm yourself next to a waterfall or pond.
Before you leave, make sure to pick up bottle of Pinot Meunier or Vidal Ice Wine, which is made with grapes actually frozen on the vine.
Duck Walk uses stainless steel tanks to ferment wine because they are easy to clean and are considered a neutral vessel, not departing any flavor into the wine.
Sit outside on the porch and peer out at the 26 acres of beautiful property.
Ducks, of course, are a part of the decor.

Just before you pass the windmill that officially welcomes westerners to Water Mill, there’s a Normandy Chateau-style building that is a landmark all on its own. It’s the south branch of Duck Walk Vineyards.

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Dr. Herodotus “Dan” Damianos, Duck Walk has quickly become one of the most well-known names in Long Island wine. The winery had the foresight when designing its tasting room, to make it big enough to accommodate the large number of people that are making Long Island the wine country of the East Coast.

Duck Walk Vineyards produce about 35,000 cases of wine each year from its 130 acres of vineyards.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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