DIY Bohemian Fringe Necklace

The ‘60s and ‘70s are currently being revived in the forms of wide-legged jeans and platform shoes, macrame plant holders and most prominently, fringed accessories. Embrace the fringe trend in a unique way by creating a DIY boho-chic necklace, perfect for your next Hamptons outing or festival experience.


What You’ll Need:

  • One 37-mm brass hoop with cut openings (Etsy has them)
  • 27 inches of 3-mm-wide faux suede brown cord
  • Three 10-mm recycled African glass beads
  • 34 inches of small brass chain
  • Two small brass jump rings
  • One small clasp
  • Chainose pliers (two pairs)
  • Scissors


1. Cut three 9-inch sections from the 3-mm faux suede brown cord.


2. Make a lark’s head knot with one cord section around the brass hoop as shown.

3. Slide one 10-mm African glass bead onto the two fringe pieces leftover from the lark’s head knot.


4. Tie an overhand knot directly under the glass bead. Ensure all knots are secure and tight. Pull lightly on the fringe ends to get the fringes to lay in a pleasing manner.


5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 twice more so that there are three sets of beads and fringes attached to the brass hoop. Cut the fringe bottoms so that they are angled.

6. Thread the small brass chain through the brass hoop’s openings.

7. Finish your necklace by adding a jump ring with the chainose pliers pairs to each loose end of the chain.


Attach the clasp to one of the jump rings.

Enjoy showing off your new fashion accessory while out and about this summer.

rachel kalina

Rachel Morgan Kalina is the creative director of The Wood & Watch jewelry and a freelance writer. She knows how to wield a flame to shape metal; loves to travel; and is passionate about art, antiques, DIY, and nature. Visit her at and