Enter the World of ‘Secrets and Wives’ Star Susan Doneson

One of the reasons Susan Doneson decided to be part Bravo’s Secrets and Wives was for the opportunity to share her story of divorce and finding happiness. In the past few weeks, we’ve watched her and five other affluent North Shore women navigate life on the reality TV show. Here, Doneson shares what’s she looking forward to on the show and this summer, plus  her favorite Long Island places

Long Island Pulse: Why did you decide to be part of Secrets and Wives?
Susan Doneson: When they first asked me, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my views with other women about getting divorced and finding happiness.

image: bravo media

image: bravo media

Pulse: What should we look forward to learning about you on the show?
SD: I think what I realize is that I fit in more than I thought it did. Being a full-time working mom, it took me time to see how I could have social time and mommy time and work and me time.

Pulse: What are some of your favorite hangout spots?
SD: I love going to 388 and Tofu for dinner, and sometimes my kids convince me to go to Shake Shack.

Pulse: What are some of the things you’re looking forward to doing this summer? 
SD: Getting up, going for a run outside and taking my kids to the beach. I love going to Sands Beach Club.

Pulse: What’s an ideal night or weekend look like for you?
SD: One thing that I love to is just to hang out with my kids and watch movies. We’re all in our PJs. That’s an ideal Friday night. It might be hard to believe, but if we can all agree on what to watch, that’s one of my favorite things.

Pulse: What makes the North Shore special for you, how did you end up here?
SD: I grew up on South Shore, close to Liza and I moved to the North Shore when I got married. To be honest with you, I really didn’t have a choice. And what’s wrong with living on the North Shore? It’s beautiful. I could be happy anywhere.