Celebrity Trainer’s Guide to Summer in the Hamptons

image: Noah Neiman Barry's Bootcamp

image: Noah Neiman Barry’s Bootcamp

If you ever wished you could train alongside Victoria Beckham, Nina Agdal, Karlie Kloss or any one of a slew of other Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated models beeline for one of Noah Neiman’s classes. Come summer he’s a regular on the Hampton schedule at Barry’s Bootcamp where, aside from attracting celebrities and models, he’s known for his high-fives, mix of wise words and humor (“trust me, Beyoncé did not wake up like this”), and affinity for Ludacris.

We caught up with the celebrity trainer and budding fitness model to get his scoop on summer in the Hamptons.

Long Island Pulse: What one item of clothing or accessory do you take with you every time you come to the Hamptons?
Noah Neiman: Without fail, I am always equipped with a jump rope. If I can’t make a Barry’s class, I know that I can still catch a workout before I hit the beautiful beaches.

Pulse: What’s in your beach bag?
NN: I travel light. If it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it’s not coming to the beach with me. The last thing I want to do at a relaxing beach is carry around a beach bag that looks like the insides of Inspector Gadget. The beach has sand and water and the breeze handles the duties of a towel. What you need, the earth provides. Ubuntu or Namaste…or something like that.

Pulse: What is your go-to place to shop in the Hamptons?
NN: My go-to place to “shop” is Bandier. I know they only sell women’s clothing, but everyone in there is just so beautiful. Jen and Neil, the owners, are amazing.  I bring a purse and sit on the couch pretending to be with someone so people don’t think I’m creeping, but really I’m just admiring their sick selection of workout tights. Also, I heard they might have some men’s NIKE gear this summer. So you might be seeing me more there.

When I actually want to buy clothes though; My boy Kimble Knight, formerly of Saint Laurent fame, is opening up the 3X1 denim shop. For guys who aren’t leg skipping Internet memes, finding jeans is a disaster. He offers a premium and fully customizable, down to the lining of the pockets, bespoke denim experience that sits perfectly on these tree trunks.

Pulse: Fill in the blank: When I’m in the Hamptons and I need _________(coffee, pizza, drink with friends, cupcake, ice cream, etc.), I hit up ____________. 
NN: “healthy meal options” and “Juice Press.”

I’m a nightmare of a person if I don’t have access to healthy food options, especially after teaching or training.

Pulse: What does your ideal summer weekend in the Hamptons look like?
NN: Is this for my Tinder profile!? I’m a low-key barbecue on the water kind of a guy. My beast of a client and friend has a beautiful oceanfront spread that he so generously lets me crash and grill at. He’s a maniac like me and his two loves are: working out and eating. It’s like Gains Central Station over there with us. We workout, load up on all the grilled meats, grilled veggies, sweet potatoes, and guacamole we can eat then have people over to wash it all down with some tequila and beats from Europe that I don’t understand and can’t properly dance to. Some people even like to make forts out of all the empty pink rose bottles….that’s what I love about the Hamptons; it’s a place where you can relax from city life, get into anything and everything you want, and build a fort out of rose bottles, free of judgment.